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Nelmarie du Preez

Nelmarie du Preez (b. 1985, South Africa) is a South African artist, working in the fields of performance, photography and computational arts. Her practice revolves around issues of socio-political identity stemming from the self-other relation. She engages with various notions of otherness and other-ing and the limited representations thereof. Her work employs loops and repetitive tropes.

She has exhibited internationally in London, New York and Berlin as well as major cities in South Africa. In 2012 she completed her Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts with highest distinction. Du Preez holds a BA in Audiovisual Multimedia as well as BA in Theology and Psychology.

Currently, she forms part of the collective FLAT 34 and is associate curator for The Tin Shed gallery and is completing her final year on the MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she also completed her MA in Computational Arts.


to stab

to stab | UK 2013 | HD | 45s

For this work the artist established a ‘collective’ named ‘Du Preez/Gui’ between herself and her computer, where they stand as equal actors in a performance-based artistic collaboration. This work asks how a human-computer relationship might be useful in revealing questions with regards to ‘the self’ constituted by ‘the other’ in the mapping of relation. With the documented performance ‘to stab’, which forms part of the series ‘Loops of Relation’ (2013), the encounters and collisions between these two ‘bodies’ are presented, showcasing the fragility of relation.

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