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Cana Bilir-Meier

Cana Bilir-Meier lives and works in Munich (DE) and Vienna (AT). She studied digital media/art and film and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at Sabancı University in Istanbul (TR). She works as a filmmaker and artist and in art and culture education projects. Her filmic, performative, and text-based works move at the interfaces between archival work, text production, historical research, and contemporary media reflexivity or archaeology. Her work has been shown at Public Art Munich (2918), documenta14 Public Program (2017), Kunsthalle Wien (2017), Diagonale (2017), Kassler Dokfest (2015). She has contributed to publication at Sternberg Press (2015) and curated programs for Kassler Dokfest (2016-17), Fol Sinema Istanbul (2016) and Undox Vienna (2017).

My Name is Foreigner

My Name is Foreigner | Germany/Turkey 2013 | Video | 7 min

Semra Ertan was born in Turkey, 1956 and moved to her parents to the federal republic of Germany in 1972. She worked as a construction draftswomen as well as an interpreter and wrote over 350 poems. In 1982 Semra Ertan burnt herself in Hamburg to give a sign against racism in Germany.

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