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Bloc Studios is an artist-led studio complex hosting 70 artists working across painting, sculpture, photography, film/video, live art, art writing and print. Its mission is to create a creative and stimulating environment for artists to work in. The site also houses Bloc Projects gallery, a not for profit artist-led project space that hosts a programme of exhibitions, events educational projects.


Arnett Powell

Arnett Powell | Studio 38 |

Ulcerative Colitis is part of a series of work exploring representations of illness as objects of beauty. The use of textiles helps to depict the viscera of the body, whilst maintaining a decorative appearance. Through making these pieces, I aim to create an openness through sharing experiences that are sometimes difficult to communicate to others.

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Silvia Champion

Silvia Champion | Studio 38 |

Situated between performance art, sculpture, language, sound and video my projects often respond to a specific place or situation combining one or more of these disciplines. My presence and role as an artist are often crucial throughout the project. This means being in control of process and outcome as well as design of the intervention as a whole. My work is not tied to the direct activation of the viewer, or their literal participation, but there is an overlapping of the social and the aesthetic aspects of the work.

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Faunagraphic and Rocket01

Faunagraphic and Rocket01 | Studio 1 |

We are a duo of street artists based in Sheffield; our work is inspired by nature and science. Specialising in Graphic design, illustration, and spraypainting, we run our own personal websites and also a commercial website. We work from our studio in Sheffield when working on canvas projects, screenprinting projects, and any other spraywork that needs doing.

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Rachael Hand

Rachael Hand | Studio 41a |

Rachael Hand’s practice is an enquiry into the aesthetic properties of images. Her books, photographs, and films explore relationships between stillness and motion, the ephemeral and the enduring, embodied experience and abstract meaning, the personal and the universal. Hand will be showing Pencil Drawing (2015) a sound and video installation made as part of a recent collaboration with Abigail Hackett and Pete Dodd of the University of Sheffield, studying the movements of children in a playgroup. Housed within a child’s play-table, the piece conjures up the rattle of pencils being flung onto a table-top, on which plays a sequence of images that echoes the complexity and creativity of the children’s actions.

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Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle | Studio 7 |

My latest works are a return to narrative, looking backwards and forwards through one’s memory banks in search of those uncanny moments. A return to a textured, tactile practice, a return to colour for colour’s sake, to the very essence of the image within. These new works represent a turn in my artistic practice towards that which gives pleasure, and towards a more vibrant world view.

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Allen Williams

Allen Williams |  Studio 45 |

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John Bainbridge

John Bainbridge | Studio 9 |

The moorland and grit-stone edges of the Derbyshire Peak District provide the visual stimulus which motivates and informs my paintings. It is interesting to explore how the colour and texture of paint, and the many ways of applying it to create a surface, can relate to the colour and texture of “wild land”. That a defining correspondence of exchange can occur between the physical forms of land and our own “inner landscapes” may be beyond analysis. But it is also beyond doubt. My paintings are an attempt to explore that correspondence of meaning in paint as a contemplative celebration of the vitality and mystery of the “awe-inspiring” in landscape.

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Ladoza | Studio 44 |

My work plays on the not so straight line between abstraction and narratives, a visual language and dialogue influenced by landscape, nature, emotion and experience. I experiment with lots of techniques and media as I find the practical process vital in exploring how best to create my ideas and concepts. Over the past 10 years photography has become a huge part of my work process. It now exists as a source of research and experience, getting me out exploring different weathers, seasons, the unexpected and the questioning of self.

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Victoria Lucas

Victoria Lucas | Studio 10-11 |

Victoria Lucas’s work is concerned with spatial contexts and how they can be read in terms of their history and relevance to social, cultural or political perspectives. Referring to theoretical and literary texts, current work investigates urbanity, absence, memory, imagination and spectrality from a decisively female perspective and in relation to both natural and man-made landscapes.
Lucas will be showing her film Lay of the Land (and other such myths), a work-in-progress.

David James Riley

David James Riley | Studio 52 |

Sheffield born artist David James Riley works as a visual artist, model-maker, and as an acoustic singer-songwriter. His visual work varies across different media, with a focus on shade and texture, which can be seen in his realistic portraits of famous faces from popular culture, music and cinema. Here he uses mostly monochrome pencil, or charcoal and chalk, to capture facial features through line, shade and shape, with the occasional use of watercolour for increased vibrancy. Oil paintings comprise portrayals of sea life with rich and vivid colour. A more personal and abstract approach can be seen in the surreal Cerebral Rain, which shows a greater scope to the artist’s ideas.

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