Sheffield Fringe

Pillars of Water (preview)

Friday 14 June 2013, 9:30pm

Skeleton Key

Pillars of Water (preview)
Image courtesy Rob Barker & Joe Moran


Pillars of Water reveals elements of The City on Smoked Glass  – a soundtrack for an imaginary film set in a transformed, contemporary Sheffield. Led by musician Joe Moran and writer Rob Barker, this multi-disciplinary project has been developed through a combination of collaboration and improvisation.

Joe and Rob will be performing a selection of completed tracks with special guests and visual accompaniment including photography by Lesley Boulton and Timm Cleasby.

Joe Moran is guitarist and singer-songwriter with Pistola Kicks. He’s currently finishing off his first solo project, which will tour in the autumn. Rob Barker is a writer, online narrativist, and co-founder of online magazine The Host Personality.

Pillars of Water

Pillars of Water | Rob Barker & Joe Moran | Live performance with projection

Drawing from photography, personal testimony and painting, Pillars of Water is a parocosmic road movie that takes in stolen goods, drowned discos and an old folks home as it attempts to reunited a couple separated by a smoked glass city. Developed through improvisation via response to a series of narrative ‘prompts’, the completed album will be released in Autumn.

Photograph © Lee Brown