Bloc Open Studios

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Saturday 15th June 12 – 6pm

71 Eyre Lane
Sheffield S1 4RB

Participating artists:

Jayne Caesar, Studio 6
Victoria Lucas, Studio 12
Steven Todd, Studio 17
Sean Williams,  Studio 18
Frances Lewis, Studio 21
Helen Stokes, Studio 20/22
Lesley Guy, Studio 27a
Christiane Thalmann, Studio 27b
Cerlin Karunaratne, Studio 29
Tessa Lyons, Studio 29
Liz VonGraevenitz, Studio 31
Dominic Mason, Studio 32
Sarah Jane Palmer, Studio 33-34
David Jones, Studio 38
Myfanwy Williams, Studio 43b
Magic Lantern Film Club, Studio 44
Iris Harris, Studio 46
Katya Robin, Studio 49
Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Studio 52
Mandy Gamsu, Studio 53
Chris Davies & Patrick Bridge, Studio 56
Susanne Palzer, Studio 57


Jayne Caesar | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Stuck in Time | Studio 6

Trapping time within the loop of the film, a family is seen coming together and disbanding many times in an attempt to create the perfect family photograph; a transition from reality to fantasy is observed through the pose and the gaze, the event becomes a performance, and a fantasy family is born in the finished photograph. Jayne Cesar works with photography, film and sculpture. Her work is mostly autobiographical, and is primarily based on her adoption. She studied at Southport College of Art and completed her Fine Art degree in 2012 at Sheffield Hallam University.
Victoria Lucas | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 12

Victoria Lucas is an interdisciplinary artist based in the North of England. Working predominantly with video and installation, her practice explores the ephemeral nature of existence over the passage of time. Lucas has worked independently and collaboratively on a large number of curated projects, co-directed a Berlin-based residency programme in 2008/9, and is co-founder of Arts_Hub, a listserve that connects a growing network of visual artists and arts organisations in the Wakefield district. She completed her MFA at The University of Leeds in 2007, and is currently a Fine Art Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.
Stephen Todd | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Light Touch | Studio 17

Light Touch includes both paintings and photographic images that explore the desire to capture and describe light. Steven Todd is a Sheffield based artist working primarily with land and seascapes.
He studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, and has shown work regularly across the region and beyond. He has undertaken funded research projects at historic sites including archeological sites in Greece and Turkey, the Celtic Roman Rig in South Yorkshire and the Neolithic site of Arbor Low in Derbyshire.
Sean Williams | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Constituency | Studio 18

"I paint suburban scenes, where it looks as though something is about to happen...or not. These are still points in a turning world, banal, almost familiar. The story of a city is found at its fringes, where no-one watches me watching." Sean Williams was shortlisted for the Marmite Painting Prize in 2011, and the Woolgather Art Prize in 2012. He is currently working towards a solo show titled 'Golden Suburbs' for the University of Birmingham.
Frances Lewis | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 21

Frances Lewis is a Sheffield based artist. Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam in Painting and Printmaking (BA) in 2004 she continues to work in a contemporary expressionistic style through painting, printmaking and mixed media. Dream like narratives typify her art work. “My artistic undertaking is to draw on intangible emotions and to give it physical form free from traditional rules of perspective.”
Helen Stokes | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Empty Spaces | Studio 20/22

"These works are part of a recent series of small oil panels which take ostensibly ‘empty’ spaces inside the city as their subject matter: car parks, building sites, football pitches. The works are made on site and are sometimes tightened up in the studio. This method of working no longer seems to be common practice even amongst figurative painters. It is fairly common to see photographers, video artists or spray artists working in the urban environment, but painters are a more unusual sight - I hope I can encourage more artists to work on location."
Lesley Guy | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | As If | Studio 27a

Lesley Guy is an artist, writer and curator based in Sheffield, UK. She is a member of the curatorial platform Furlough and Co-director of Bloc Projects, an artist led contemporary art space. She graduated with an MA in Contemporary Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 and has exhibited widely across Europe and the UK. Group shows include Portmanteau, curated by g39 for Halle 14 in Leipzig, Jeune Creation at Centquatre, Paris and Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes, London.
Christiane Thalmann | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Imagine | Studio 27b

Christiane Thalmann works with wide range of media including photography, video, drawing, writing, sound, animation, altered pre-existing material and installation. She is based in Sheffield, UK. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Rich Mix, London, Site Gallery, S1 and Bloc Projects, Sheffield, Bristol Festival of Photography, Ladyfest, Manchester, South Square Gallery, Bradford, Crescent Arts Scarborough, Microgallery, Windsor, WAMMFest, Maryland, USA, Zeche Scherlebeck, Herten, Germany and art and film festivals in Holland, France, Spain and Mexico. She has been published in several publications such as 'The Sheffield Pavilion' (2007) and 'Parallelwelten' (2000). She has been supported by the Arts Council England.
Cerlin Karunaratne | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | A new dawn is just a new day | Studio 29

"I try to create a response where the materiality speaks of the framework and my response to it speaks of a response to that structure. I hope a disjuncture is created where something else might reveal itself. I explore the idea that we ourselves are shaped by a symbiotic need to exist both within a framework and out of it. I am interested in the language of objects and the use of surface as skin, container and transmitter. I take concerns and create a material response to them; the object created is a material consequence of that process."
Tessa Lyons | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Haystacks | Studio 29

Tessa Lyons often works on a large scale to reflect the sense of perspective that can be gained by being in these vast landscapes. She has been an avid rock climber since she was 8 years old. She studied illustration at the University of Brighton, and was awarded the 'Highly Commended Award' by Nagoya University of Arts for her charcoal and chalk drawing 'Summit of Haystacks, The Lake District'. Her work has been featured in the British Mountaineering Council's national publication 'Summit' magazine and was shortlisted for the Association of Illustrators 'New Talent Award'.
Liz von Graevenitz | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 31

"I tend to surround myself and absorb the environment, social behaviour, smell and taste it. This reflects in my work process, my studio and brain alike are cluttered with a melee of activity. My observational and practical research often leads me directly to the making stage of artworks. By using found objects, sound recordings, film, photography, model making and book making I present the condensed information I collect to the audience. The core essence through out each chosen media brings me to the richness of environment, city life and the oddities of people." Liz von Graevenitz is from Sheffield and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008 with a BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art, First Class Honours.
Dominic Mason & Lesley Guy | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | untitled at the moment | Studio 32

A series of bizarre sculptures found in charity shops, a headless body found on the junction of Arundel and Sidney Street, strange smells that emerge when breaking bubbles of tar in the cobbled lane at Granton Works and rumours of a sprawling series of passages, studios and underground vaults extending from the cellar at Bloc. In a new collaborative project Lesley Guy and Dominic Mason attempt to unearth and document the mysterious and perplexing world of allusive Yorkshire artist Geoff Blood. Lesley Guy is an artist, writer and curator based in Sheffield, UK. Dominic Mason is an artist based in Scunthorpe and Sheffield. He studied at Lancaster University and Sheffield Hallam University.
Sarah Jane Palmer | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 33-34

"The double take, to look and then look again, the gaze and then the glance, an illusion that changes from one thing into another or disappears completely. Drawn to the affect of film 'like a painting that comes to life', I’m interested in the aesthetics of early film. I am particularly interested in the immersive experience of developing patterns, animations and illusions, drawing on elements of eroticism, humour and suspense." Sarah Jane Palmer is a Sheffield based artist with a BA and MA in Fine Art specialising in mixed media installation, sculpture, animation, printmaking and cinematography.
David Jones | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Strangelite | Studio 38

"In some of my paintings I illustrate an abstract landscape which I have imposed a (visual) unnatural intervention onto. I am currently working on some new paintings where I do the opposite and impose figurative scenes of nature onto a stylized urban setting. For this I have been referring to both recent and archive photography of Sheffield and Paris."
Myfanwy Williams | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Waves of Disintegration | Studio 43b

"I was brought up in Zambia and this has had a profound effect on my work. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 1999 with a degree in Fine Art. My interests as both artist and teacher have often overlapped. I am now retiring to concentrate fully on painting and photography."
Magic Lantern Film Club | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Blocfest | Studio 44

"We run mobile cinema events in different venues around Sheffield and we have our HQ at Bloc. We usually show cult / arthouse films & shorts by local filmmakers, always with a creative, social element and activities to match the film theme. We’re turning our small studio space into a mini cinema for the day, with film screenings in different media and projections on the walls. We’ll also be talking to people about their own experiences and memories of cinema going, for a soundscape / oral history project we’re working on."
Iris Harris | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 46

A journey undertaken in February 2013 on a Hurtigruten ship to Norway.
This work simply catalogues the journey using different means. 1) A personal hand-written journal. 2) An artist's book of photographs and memories. 3) A paper remembrance of printed material, photographs, maps and information received directly at the time of the journey. 4) A commercial book with considerable information including legends, and finally 5) A film.
Iris Harris worked in Social Care settings since the early 1970's, becoming interested in art in the late 1990s. She graduated from Hallam University with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art in 2010. She uses paint, textiles and found objects, and is particularly interested in memory and how to store and recall special things.
Katya Robin | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 49

Charter Square Sheffield Rising is an artist book by Katya Robin, which uses photographs, graphics and text to link the 1960s Brutalist development with the thwarted 1839 Chartist campaign. Standard Measures, another artist book by Robin responds to the Sheffield site & broader notions around measurement. Also showing: a collection of her 1NCH perspex & plywood 3D works, and a selection of water colours. Recent exhibitions include ‘Living Numbers’, Fringe Arts Bath; 'Klub Kube', LoBe Gallery, Berlin.
Robyn LeRoy-Evans & Annabel Snowden | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Studio 52

Robyn LeRoy-Evans and Annabel Snowden are both living and working in Sheffield, United Kingdom. In 2012 they each gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

Annabel Snowden creates installations, sculpture and photographs guided
by "everyday occurrences; the forms and arrangements that appear by chance around us."

Robyn LeRoy-Evans works mainly with photography seeking to explore the subtleties of body, space and eroticism through awkward twists.
Mandy Gamsu | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | The Reciprocating Touch | Studio 53

I am alone on the surface
of a turning planet. What
to do but, like Michelangelo's
Adam, put my hand
out into unknown space
hoping for the reciprocating touch.

From Threshold, R.S Thomas
Patrick Bridge, Chris Davies | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | Exquisite Actuality | Studio 56

'Exquisite Actuality' pays homage to the idea of the surrealist invention of the exquisite corpse, a drawing whose constituent parts are assembled in separate stages by two or more people to form a completed image.
Patrick Bridge and Chris Davies are both Hallam University graduates and have been collaborating on musical projects, painting and digital media.
Susanne Palzer | Bloc Projects & Bloc Studios | .doc | Studio 57

Concerning aspects of actuality, the real and the document – .doc is a specially devised performance piece in response to the Sheffield Fringe event. Susanne Palzer is a cross-disciplinary artist, researcher and performer based in Sheffield, UK. Her current practice is an investigation into the fusion of digital technology and physical performance. Since 2012 Susanne Palzer has been curating the performance events OPENPLATFORM/RAP(s)-TwT. in collaboration with sound artist Jake Harries.