Workshop programme 6

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Thursday 23rd July 2015
Studio 174
174 Harbour St
Kingston, Jamaica

Workshop programme 6: Performance


Packing | Behrooz Karamizade | Germany 2009 | 4’00

Observing children at play never fails to charm. This diligently observed piece is the first part in a trilogy looking at children making their first steps in an adult world. They are inventive, and resourceful battling their way to complete a weighty mission in a busy Iranian street market.
Playground | Maria Marshall | UK 2001 | 2' 30" | Digital video

Maria Marshall’s video work ‘Playground’ emanates a repetitive echo of a football against a building. In the video projection the ball has escaped the image and entered the viewer’s space, the white church and boy become two aligned objects with only a shadow of their nexus remaining within the frame.
No Strings Attached | Pascual Sisto | USA 2007 | 1’30 | SD

Set against a barren sun trapped bit of LA concrete, No Strings Attached shows a familiar plastic chair enduring transitional change, as it is looped into a constant state of suspension. Whilst the lone chair is subjected to a choreography as sadistic as it is anthropomorphic, the observation of this process and realization of the technique involved sparks humour, excitement, builds tension and finally gives relief.
Arabesque | Harold Offeh | UK 2007 | 1’10

A playfully pathetic homage to Grace Jones' cover artwork from her legendary album 'Island Life'. Artist Harold Offeh attempts to reenact the original artwork that sees a manipulated image of Jones holding an impossible arabesque pose.
The Invisibles | Nisha Duggal | UK 2012 | 4’ | Video

In a singular call to action The Invisibles employs and re-affirms Socialist anthem The Internationale for a contemporary audience. A hand-drawn, animated self-portrait of the artist performing to camera. The Invisibles attempts to highlight cultural mimesis and slippage between opposing dogma, including the solitary versus the many, and political branding in the hands of the digital dilettante.

Vive la Révolution!
Acer Pseudoplatanus | Angus Braithwaite | UK 2013 | 5’ 19” | HD

Refining the absurd, Angus H Braithwaite’s practice often transforms the performing body into ludicrous actor. His new work, Acerpseudoplatanus – set in the patch of woodland at the bottom of his garden – is a film that romanticises a childhood event, one which pinpoints the moment of conception for the artist through interaction with a non-native tree. A series of reconstructed vignettes outline factual occurrences. Offset with a prose-like narrative, steeped in black humour, the piece seeks to preserve the memorial remnants of such a rebirth.
Biter | David Blandy | UK 2013 | 9’ 24” | HD

Biter examines how much hip-hop has entered the artist's unconscious mind, how stories from the streets of New York have become a part of a Londoner's consciousness. Shot in Freud's final consulting room, Blandy awkwardly attempts to summon rap lyrics in a space loaded with the history of psychoanalysis. Biter is an Artsadmin Jerwood Commission with the generous assistance of The Freud Museum.