Workshop programme 5

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Tuesday 21st July 2015
Studio 174
174 Harbour St
Kingston, Jamaica

Workshop programme 5: History


Revolutionary Memories of Bahman who Loved Leila | Farahnaz Sharifi | Iran 2012 | 15' | video

Bahman's father warns him about Leila: she will bring the family nothing but misfortune. Bahman is 20 and tries to listen to his dad, but the year is 1979, and he ends up getting involved with both Leila and the Islamic Revolution. In his father's mind, the revolution is trouble as well - it's not up to normal Iranians to decide who should be in power. With the help of photos and in voice-over, Bahman tells of his desire for life, love and protest. In the black-and-white pictures, Bahman is invariably colored red: at a wedding, during a weekend trip to the Caspian Sea, playing soccer. Only when the protests get out of hand and the Shah's soldiers begin shooting into the crowd does Bahman learn that his longing will bring death and destruction. And he remembers what his father always told him: "I see the bottom of the creek and you the surface.”
The Oyster Effect | Valentina Ferrandes | Italy 2010 | 13’ | HD

Using archive footage shot by the anthropologist De Martino, The Oyster Effect develops into a collage of historical references. The portrayal of women and hysteria is juxtaposed with built environments, architectural spaces, landscape, all with their own narration. A journey that challenges linearity and historicity attempts to bridge the specific representations of women’s subjectivity as products of their cultural environments in northern and southern Europe. This journey is persistently negated by the conflicting relationship between image and narration.