Workshop programme 3

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Thursday 16th July 2015
Studio 174
174 Harbour St
Kingston, Jamaica

Workshop programme 3: Portrait


Bogman Palmjaguar | Luke Fowler | UK 2008 | 30'| Video

Bogman Palmjaguar is a portrait of a man who became distrustful of people and withdrew into nature. Bogman is passionate about the threatened habitat of Scotland's Flow Country. But Bogman's early life and subsequent diagnosis as "paranoid schizophrenic" conditions his relationships with other people. Describing himself as "the hidden cat" and "wild outlaw of paradise", Bogman is taking legal action to remove the label "paranoid schizophrenic". His is both a search for justice and an attempt to find reason in the course his life has taken over the past three decades. Lee Patterson's evocative field recordings accompany the images.
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