eggstill_cropImage: Notes from the Interior, courtesy of Ben Balcom


Saturday 4th February 2017
11:30 – 18:00

Zika Auditorium
77-82 Whitechapel High St
E1 7QX


Please join us for a one-day symposium to explore the aesthetic potential, political stakes and ethical challenges that arise from regarding documentary film as an art object. We will consider documentary as a commodity in circulation, a resource in artistic production, a material trace, a document, or simply as “a thing like you and me” (Hito Steyerl).

With a keynote by Erika Balsom, presentations by Rosalind Nashashibi, Mairéad McClean, Judy Price, Stephen Connolly, and Sasha Litvintseva, a performance by Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron, and films by Ben Balcom, Hannah Black, Wu Tsang, Sky Hopinka and Neïl Beloufa.

Object! On the Documentary as Art aims to reframe the meeting point of films, makers and audiences in ethical terms. In light of the ongoing proliferation of documentary material in artistic production – the so-called ‘documentary turn’– and the exchange of these works in the marketplace as art objects, what are the ethical and political implications of this ‘object turn’ in documentary film? What novel avenues does it open up for critical practice?

The day of presentations includes screenings of artists’ films and documentaries, and is complemented by a series of evening programmes at Close-Up Film Centre from February 7th, 2017.

Details of the Close-Up film programmes, presentations and symposium content are available here. Booking is essential.

Produced in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, the event is organised by Minou Norouzi, Mihaela Brebenel and Nikolaus Perneczky, with support from Openvizor, the Arts Council England, and the Austrian Cultural Forum, London.