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The House of O’Dwyer

The House of O’Dwyer is G.M. O’Dwyer, an artist, exhibition organiser, curator, working in film photography painting, sculpture, installation and happenings.

Curatorial projects include:

The Centre of Attention
At Home with the Ludskis
Radio Ludski
News of the World Gallery

When I got back to London (Part 2)

When I got back to London (Part 2) | UK 2011 | Digital video | 15 min

Fantasy, diary, news headlines and research, create a chronicle here, a meditation, a visual essay. It is an attempt to create a trap in order to catch a narrative. A random collation of news identifies the day ‘I’ got back to London, from travelling. And it is the backbone to a number of assumptions: that people are art, and everything they do is art. That the world all around is art. Just point the camera anywhere you like. Art.

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