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Pınar Öğrenci

Pınar Öğrenci (1973, Van) lives in Istanbul and Berlin. The student who produces photography, video, film, performance and placement works on war, migration, collective movements, heroic stories, nationalism, cultural assimilation and urban transformation. Using the video as a tool to record everyday practice, the student benefits from his personal video archive and ready-made footage. Student work, Kunst Haus – Hundertwasser Museum Vienna (2017), Sharjah Biennial 13 Istanbul stand exhibition Spring 2017, WKV, Stuttgart 2017, Angewandte Kunst-Vienna 2016, MAXXI Museum, Rome 2015-6 , SALT Galata, Istanbul (2015-6), Depo-Istanbul (2012), Fronteras Biennial, Matamaros (2015), 5th Sinop Biennial (2014) and 4th Canakkale Biennial (2014). The artist performed his first solo exhibition abroad at the Kunst Haus-Hundertwasser Museum in Vienna under the heading ‘A Warm Wind Estimate’. Pınar Student has been working as the artistic initiator MARSistanbul, the founder of which has been since 2010. The student’s comments on architecture and contemporary art since the 1990s have been published in such publications as Artunlimited, M-est, Arredamento Architecture, Istanbul, XXI, Agos, Radikal, Arkitera and Salt Online. Among the conferences, workshops and festivals he participated in; Public Calling (National Theater Oslo, 2016), Middle East Festival (Henie Onstad Kunstcenter, Oslo, 2016), Plataforma Editable, Desplazamientos Curatoriales (Chile, 2015) and New Dynamics in Museums, CIMAM (Rio de Jeneiro, 2013). He is a guest of AR-Perpetuum Mobile (Athens, 2017), HIAP (Helsinki, 2017), Henie Onstad Kunstcenter (Oslo, 2016), RAT (Mexico, 2015), Willa Waldberta (Munich, 2011) artist programs.

The Shadow of a Tree in Taksim Square

The Shadow of a Tree in Taksim Square | Turkey 2017 | C-Print

Pınar Öğrenci’s photograph The Shadow of a Tree in Taksim Square is an image from her video New Buildings in Destruction. There are holes that people have drilled into the wood barricades that surround the construction of the tunnel in the square. Some of these passive viewers will claim agency to become active members of the Gezi Resistance that would begin in two months, taking over the square and Gezi Park to defend their urban rights, albeit temporarily. The shadow of the tree on the wood panel is a harbinger of the resistance that would begin soon.

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