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Peter Kubelka

Born March 23rd, 1934. Studied directing in Vienna and Rome. In 1964 he founded the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna; since 1980 Professor at University for Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

“Peter Kubelka is the perfectionist of the film medium. And, as I honor that quality above all others at this time, I would simply like to say: Peter Kubelka is the world´s greatest film-maker – which is to say, simple: see his films! … by all means/above all else …” – Stan Brakhage

Unsere Afrikareise

Unsere Afrikareise | Austria 1966 | 16mm | 12 min

“In 1961 Peter Kubelka was asked to make a documentary about a group of Europeans on an African hunting trip. He accompanied them, recorded many hours of film and sound, and then spent five years editing this material into a most unconventional film. The result, Unsere Afrikareise, is one of the most densely packed 12½ minutes in film history, and makes truly extraordinary use of the creative possibilities of sound. ” – Fred Camper

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