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Patrick Keiller

Born in Blackpool in 1950. Studied and practised architecture between 1967-79 before studying Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in the Department of the Environmental Media. Keiller has been making films since 1981, which have been widely screened, internationally and in the UK. Commissions include the Arts Council, The British Film Institute, the BBC and Channel Four.

Valtos Or The Veil

Valtos Or The Veil | UK 1986 | 16mm | 11 min

Valtos is a story told from thirty years hence, in the last moments of its narrator, who awoke one day in 1987 ‘with the knowledge that I had been duplicated during the night, and that I was an inferior replica of myself’. There follows a relentless, epic, pursuit of an absconding phantom – his ‘original’ – which ends in catastrophe at Valtos, a place at once ethereal and terrifying.

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