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Özge Topçu

1987, Born in Kirklareli, Turkey. Lives and works in Lisbon-Istanbul.

Topçu graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Art and Design Faculty, Combined Arts Program with the highest honors in 2014. During her master degree, she studied Image-Space-Object-Glass in Germany at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule. In 2015, she moved to Berlin as an independent artist. She collaborated with several art spaces in Berlin and joined group exhibitions.

Topçu was also awarded many respectable prizes, some of which are as follows; “Culture Ministry Contemporary Art Project Awards”, “Siemens Borders and Orbits Art Competition”, “New Generation Contemporary Artist from Turkey” etc. She made solo exhibition with the title of “Alteration Depression”. She took part in an interactive project called “Locality and Global Discourses 2015” together with California University School of Art. Topçu realized her duo exhibition with Deniz Aktaş in Pilot Gallery in 2016 and joined several group exhibition in Kuad Gallery, Pg Art Gallery. Currently she is working on a project for Art Night London 2018.

Topçu’s approach is based on the artificial fiction of the contemporary world system and how the absolute credibility of this fiction was influential on people. Thereupon, in order to question the credibility of the instruments of modernism, which is one of these systems, she felt the need to operate the concepts of family-individual-construction of national identity as well as Architectural propaganda in this new fiction by manipulating their contexts, spaces and places.

Currently, Topçu lives and works in Lisbon and Istanbul.

Alteration Museum

Alteration Museum | Turkey 2017 | Hand Made Artist Book

The works collected inside this Alteration Museum draw on a range of Topçu’s previous books, drawings, paperworks and installations. Through these different mediums, Topçu sought to explore the synchronicity between the change on the facades of the buildings and people’s appearances during the early revolutionary period of 1923-1943. Topçu aimed to create playful artefacts of alteration which explore parallels between the morphological properties of modernist architecture and the restructuring of Turkish society.

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Nature Morte

Nature Morte | 2017 | Concrete sculptures

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