Sheffield Fringe

Maud Haya-Baviera

Maud Haya Baviera (b.1980 France) works in the mediums of video and photography. Drawing, sculpture and installation also consistently infuse her practice. She has exhibited her work internationally in a solo capacity and in group-shows. In parallel to her artistic practice she also regularly writes in response to artists’ work and has written many essays commissioned both by artists and by galleries in the United Kingdom and in Germany. She lives and works in Sheffield, England.


Muse | Germany/UK 2015 | HD | 2 min 20s

Muse is a short animation loosely based on the romantic life of Albert Einstein. Forced to be idle while on a trip in Germany, Haya-Baviera collected images found in flea markets. These images became Muse, a surrealist video animation circling around romantic anecdotes set in the aftermath of World War II. “I always start a piece of work with something I’ve heard, read or written, therefore narration plays a pivotal role. Misunderstanding and illusion is also extremely important, infiltrating my work and finding opposition to a stable, rational, and intelligible world.” M.H-B.

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