Sheffield Fringe

Luke Moody

Luke Moody studied Anthropology and Media at Goldsmiths and Creative Ethnographic film with the SIC programme in Brussels. Since 2009 he has worked in the documentary industry and with the Sensate journal as editor/producer.
Recent independent work was shown at the ICA as part of London Short Film Festival 2013

I Felt Myself Going

I Felt Myself Going | UK 2012 | HD | 1 min

I Felt Myself Going is primarily a work oral history. It isn’t a significant history – just the kind you overhear in a charity shop or on the bus. The strength is in the storytelling and not the event. I’m interested in what happens to this form of skilled banter when it is given a false set of characters – a sequence of unrelated images that can give this small story a cinematic space, a more memorable level of ‘listening in’. There’s a definite element of humour that emerges from the simple ‘sandwich’ editing technique.” – Luke Moody

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