Sheffield Fringe

Liz von Graevenitz

Liz von Graevenitz is a Fine Art Graduate from Sheffield Hallam University (2008). She is Co-Curator for the International Artist Exchange Programme Topolčany(SK)/Sheffield(UK) Nástupište 1-12/Bloc Projects. As an artist von Graevenitz has exhibited both nationally and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include In Circulation, A.P.G Gallery (2014); Contrary Motion Nástupište, Slovakia (2012); Rotherham Roots/ Rotherham Open Arts Festival, The Old Market Gallery (2011). In 2014 she received a grant from Yorkshire Artspace for her short film work, The Outsider. As co-curator for the International Artist Exchange Program Regular Line in Sheffield and Slovakia, she has worked alongside fellow artists, musicians and actors. Additionally, Liz’s bespoke décor work spans over 10 years. Her uniquely designed dressing has been used for staging hip hop artists such as Blackalicious and The Ragga Twins.

The Outsider

The Outsider | UK 2014 | HD | 3 min 21s

The Outsider is a short film about my research into the Roma community living in Sheffield. It hints at the struggles of trying to break into a community that is not trusting of strangers. Persecuted and ostracised from mainstream society for generations, the Roma have become isolated and protective about whom they let in. (Grant funded by Yorkshire Artspace)

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