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Lesley Guy, Lea Torp Nielsen, Dale Holmes


Lesley Guy is an artist, writer and curator based in Sheffield, UK. She is a Content Curator for Axisweb and Co-director of Bloc Projects, an artist led contemporary art space. She graduated with an MA in Contemporary Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 and has exhibited widely across Europe, Asia, and the UK. Group shows include Portmanteau, curated by g39 for Halle 14 in Leipzig; Jeune Creation at Centquatre, Paris; Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes and Possession at BACC, Bangkok and London. Her work was recently published in Drawing Paper #6, co-curated by Gavin Delahunty from Tate Liverpool.

Lea Torp Nielsen is a Danish artist living in Sheffield, UK, currently studying for an MFA at Sheffield Hallam University. Her work addresses the friction and the poetry created by transmitting misunderstandings, collisions, fetishes, the beauty of the absurd and the familiar. She has exhibited in PAGES, Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair, The Tetley (Leeds); Sluice Art Fair (London); Totaller’s Wall, Garage (Edinburgh); Ungemutlich, Studio 1.1 (London); Totaller: 15″ Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War (Le Mur de d’atelier d’Totaller) at Paper Gallery (Manchester); No Grey Areas, Ha Ha Gallery (Southampton); Tlazolteotller – Goddess of Filth, East Street Arts (Leeds); Spanien 19C Galleri (Århus, Denmark); Flashlight Became Dynamite, Backlit (Nottingham); OVERSEASONED 1-2 (Sheffield-York); Object Abuse, Spinach (London); and £1 Fish at S1 Gallery (Sheffield).

Dale Holmes is an artist and lecturer at University of Huddersfield. He has exhibited in galleries and institutions both nationally and internationally including Beaconsfield (London), Sonce Alexander Gallery (LA), Essays and Observations (Berlin), Castlefield (Manchester), Tate Britain (London) and The Walker (Liverpool). He is currently an AHRC funded PhD candidate at Sheffield Hallam University. He makes paintings, writes glossaries and constructs philosophical frameworks for exhibitions.


Totaller Keeps Swinging

Totaller Keeps Swinging | 2014 | Digital Video | 3 min 25s

Created from a collision of garbages, this swinging embryonic matter of zygotic fusion holds in its surfaces the promise of future collective action. The image presented here is of the birth of Totaller. Totaller is an artist collective with a shared belief of aesthetics as a destructive, progressively utopian, and totalising force. The works that Totallermake collide distinct aesthetic sensibilities and extend the logics of collage and bricolage.

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