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Ion de Sosa

Ion de Sosa (San Sebastián, Spain, 1981), cinema director and producer who has been living in Berlin for the last 8 years. His first feature film, True Love (2011), got the awards for Best Film at Festival Márgenes and II Festival Lima Independiente, and screened at BAFICI (Argentina), Distrital (Mexico), XII Festival internacional de cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Anthology Film Archives (NY, USA). Ion produced and directed photography at El Futuro (2013), directed by Luis López Carrasco, premiere at Locarno Film Festival.

Androids Dream (Sueñan los androides)

Androids Dream (Sueñan los androides) | Spain 2014 | 16mm to HD | 61 min

Androids Dream is an experimental film set in 2052 combining sci­fi, thriller, fiction and non-fiction, and sticking to the conventions of a 70s B movie filmed on 16 mm. It is a film that imagines a future all too similar to the ruins, in this case touristic ruins, of our present. The fictional film only breaks away at very specific moments: every time an android is killed and we “see” their implanted fake memories. And in those implanted memories we get a sense of my memories: my house in Spain, my family, and my friends. The documentary footage reappears or cuts in, although it has always been beneath the futuristic plot. And below the documentary footage we find the evasion, the plot of science fiction, in a game of alternating sets of associations and correspondences. – Ion de Sosa

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