Sheffield Fringe

Hannah Black

Hannah Black is an artist and writer from the UK. She lives in Berlin. She participated in the Whitney Independent Study Programme (2014) and has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, London (2017).

The Neck

The Neck | UK 2015 | HD | 3 min 28s

“These are just some of the things I got wrong in the drawings I did as a child”. A video text commissioned by Laura Morrison for Concerning the Bodyguard at The Tetley, Leeds, UK

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Jenny Marx’s Operation

Jenny Marx’s Operation | UK 2012 | SD | 7 min 26s

“Day and night I saw you wounded, bleeding and ill, and, Karl, to tell you the whole truth, I was not altogether unhappy in this thought: for I vividly imagined that you had lost your right hand, and, Karl, I was in a state of rapture, of bliss, because of that.” – Jenny von Westphalen, 1839

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