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Gary Beydler

Gary Beydler (1944-2010) was an American artist perhaps best known for his short 16mm and 8mm film works made in the 1970s. Some of his films have been recently restored by the Academy Film Archive. Prints can be rented through Canyon Cinema and Light Cone.

Venice Pier

Venice Pier | 1976 | 16mm | 16 min

“Gary Beydler’s last, and possibly least-seen, film is an exhilarating tour down the length of the Venice Pier, shot over the course of an entire year. It’s a particularly cinematic walk in many ways. Gary investigates the way a single film stock responds so diversely to different seasons, light, weather, time of day. He also beautifully exploits the power of editing to compose or recompose events. Shot spatially out of order over the course of a year, Gary recomposed the footage in editing to make it proceed consistently forward in space, resulting in an intricate mixing up of chronology, so some cuts could represent a jump of months either forward or backward in time. The result is one of gauzy impressionism brought into vivid and breathtaking clarity.” – Mark Toscano

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