Sheffield Fringe

Farhad Ahrarnia

Farhad Ahrarnia is an artist based in Shiraz, Iran and Sheffield, UK. Farhad Ahrarnia is represented by Rose Issa Projects, London.

Pardis Lost

Pardis Lost | Iran 2006 | Video | 31 min

‘Pardis Lost’ is a visual, fly on the wall, accumulation of recordings made at the time of 2006 edition of Tehran International Book Fair. The video is edited by London based film editor William Bone in accordance to the rhythm and structure of a non-linear analogue soundtrack composed by Sheffield based musician Brian Ellis. The hypnotic and over imposing soundtrack is extracted from Winston Churchill’s WWII propaganda speeches, mixed in with the voice of Iranian pop diva Mahasti forming an expressionistic dialogue across the boundaries of time, geographies, and abstract, contradictory histories. Resembling an animated tableau by Lowry, men and women exit and enter the frame, caught in a loop of scarcely articulated anticipations, whilst withholding their endless anxious dreams. Courtesy of Rose Issa Project

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