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Alistair Macdonald

Alistair Innes Macdonald has been a philosophy teacher, a care worker, a lawyer and one half of a short lived Sheffield based techno band. Now he writes music, makes short films and blogs about filmmaking from his home in the Pennines in the UK. He has a PhD in Philosophy and is currently researching the possibilities of artist landscape film. His films have been shown at festivals across Europe.

A Summer Voyage

A Summer Voyage | UK 2015 | HD | 16 min 51s

In 1695, Martin Martin, natural philosopher and tutor to the Chief of the Clan MacLeod toured the Western Islands of Scotland gathering data at the request of the Royal Society. The resulting Description of the West Islands of Scotland, published in 1703, contained detailed information about the history and geography of the islands, their flora and fauna, information on the customs of the inhabitants, their diseases, diets and laws, and an account of second sight. In 2015, filmmaker Alistair Innes Macdonald travelled to the Isle of Rum with a copy of Martin’s Description to update his findings.

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