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Alicja Rogalska

Alicja Rogalska is a visual artist based in London. She graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College (2011) and an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Warsaw (2006). Her recent works have focused on socio-political and cultural issues raising questions about inequality, economics, power and the social order.

She works in installation, sculpture and video, often developing projects in response to a particular context and collaborating with other people, from electroacoustic composers and folk singers to law professors. Recent exhibitions include: Melancholy In Progress, Hong-Gah Museum (Taipei, 2012); IMS, Guest Projects (London, 2012); Jour de Fête, The Private Space Gallery (Barcelona, 2011); To Look is to Labour, Laden Für Nichts (Leipzig, 2010); No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern (London, 2010) and The Pursuit of Happiness, Arsenal Gallery (Poznań, 2010).

Untitled (Broniów Song)

Untitled (Broniów Song) | Poland/UK 2011 | HD | 5 min

Untitled (Broniów Song) is a contemporary folk song written by Alicja Rogalska together with folk singing group Broniowianki (from the Polish village of Broniów). Largely based on conversations with local people the lyrics reflect the socio-economic situation of the area – unemployment, exploitation, emigration. As much as the song is immersed in the locality it also comments on wider issues affecting many communities around the world.
(Commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw)

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